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Podcast 045

The Shark Farmer Podcast - Belinda Bowman isn't completely heartless
Mar 28, 2017

Belinda Bowman had a life changing experience when she went to Africa to help people feed themselves. Her charity has transferred over to trying to help the victims of the wildfires.
Visit her GoFund Me Campaign here: Link

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Time stamps:
4:29 Wildfire fund raising
14:25 It’s only Africa
28:25 GMOs in Africa
37:36 How she came back to the farm
42:51 Being a chick in ag


Podcast 044

Trent Cadra - Going through the wildfires
Mar 21, 2017

Trent Cadra is a rancher in Texas who was struck by the wildfires. Although you really wouldn't know it by talking to him. Even with suffering a loss he is focused on others.
Special thanks to Julie Tomascik

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listen to the whole damn story


Podcast 043

Jerod McDaniel and myths of bottle feeding pics
Mar 14, 2017

Jerod McDaniel completely destroys the good feelings that I would get when someone would post a picture of a bottle-feeding calf. He’s got an amazing story of taking over the farm at the age of 18.

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Time stamps:
7:00 are agvocates being used
14:22 bottle feeding calves
23:22 taking over at 18
43:12 BTFD TV
54:00 corn contest


Podcast 042

Katie Hancock drives Xena Warrior Princess
Mar 07, 2017

Katie Hancock is a farmer from Kentucky and doesn’t like hunting. Plus she is raising Satan’s chickens

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Time stamps:
7:12 Katie doesn’t like hunting
19:15 Chickens from the 7th circle of Hell
22:41 Buying out the family farm
32:21 Spouse working for medical insurance
35:41 She calls her call Xena Warrior Princess
42:51 How are farm wives viewed
45:54 Elevator speeches are canned


Podcast 041

Andy Pasztor confuses me
Feb 28, 2017

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10:03 Andy's pickle
16:35 ginseng is in viagra
20:27 #andyclean
24:45 Chris Soules is the best agvocate ever
28:35 #reallifefarmer
44:30 Andy's much taller cousin